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SEL Programs in Bay Village Schools

The counselor's at Normandy and Westerly have "virtual counseling offices."  Both are promoting various SEL programs. 

Appointments can be booked through the district's website, see link here.  Click on the pictures to take you to their source.

SEL Programs:
7 Mindsets &
Mindful Life

Normandy Counselor Office.JPG

SEL Programs:
Mindful Life
7 Mindsets
Ohio SEL

7 Mindsets - councilor corner.JPG

What are 7 Mindsets

After a 3 year study, they discovered the "Mindsets" that are "ESSENTIAL FOR HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS." THREE WHOLE YEARS.  Imagine that, all we ever needed was 3 years to study the mindsets we should all have.

7 mindsets 6.JPG

What is a Mindful Life?

Mindful life.JPG

Simple & Scientifically based Mindfulness Practices.

The website states:  "In less than 10 minutes a day, any Pre-K to 12th grade teacher can transform their chaotic classroom into a calm, ready-to-learn classroom with our simple, brain-based mindfulness activities."

What is a CASEL?

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