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Divisive Teacher Trainings

The district is encouraging teachers to participate in divisive, ideological teacher trainings. 

We are aware of two:

1.  Dismantling Racism in Mathematics

2. Diversity Champion Certificate

See below for more details on both.

Dismantling Racism in Mathematics

In March of 2021, the then head of Curriculum and now Interim Superintendent Char Shyrock, retweeted a professional development course where "participants will learn how to do the work of dismantling racism in the mathematics classroom."

Asset 1.png

Page 1 of the workbook that accompanies the training, states the following:

".... offers essential characteristics of

antiracist math educators

critical approaches to

dismantling white supremacy in math classrooms by making visible

the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture with respect to math."

See link for full workbook:  1_STRIDE1.pdf (

District Response

A concerned citizen wrote the district an email expressing their concern regarding the tweet from Mrs. Shyrock and got the following response:

Char tweet district response.JPG

Diversity Champion Certificate Program

On November 18, 2020 the district launched the "Diversity Champion Certificate Program."  The program focused on developing the skills necessary to lead by example as inclusive colleagues, and to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment for students. 

The district was very proud of this training, as our former Head of Human Resources, Holly Schafer partnered with Tri-C Corporate to create the training.  See the below article published in the Westlake/Bay Village Observer.

diversity program.JPG

The Tri-C website gives lots of information on the Certificate program.  The program aims to help teachers:

"Gain knowledge needed to support a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace."

Diversity Program.JPG

The Training's Learning Objectives are:

  • Apply practices to become more cognizant of biases and microaggressions

  • Appreciate the need to adjust work styles based on generational differences

  • Identify the three dimensions of cultural awareness to better interact with people from other cultures

  • Develop a three-part action plan to achieve one's personal goal of being even more inclusive

The Certificate Program Includes the Following Course:

  1. Adapting Cross-Culturally with Emotional Intelligence

  2. Embracing Generational Diversity

  3. Understanding Unconscious Bias

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