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Rocket Family Summer Camp - Read Pride Collection

The district offered resources for Rocket Families for the summer.  Click on the screen shots to follow the path to the "Read Pride" Collection.

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There are many resources offered.  We are going to specifically look at the "Diversity and Equity" board.  Both pictures are also links.

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Char Shryock

Char Shryrock
Interim Supt.

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Read-Pride Month Collection

SEX:  The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get you Through High School and College

The "Read Pride" Collection posted in the Rocket Family Summer Camp Equity and Diversity board has close to 70 books.  To review the full list, please click here.  The topics discussed are NOT age appropriate. 


The SEX guide suggested is pornography.  The material in this book is EXPLICIT. 


For that reason, we will not include full pages of the book, just lists of topics and suggested resources.


Here are just some of the topics listed in the SEX guide index:


  • Analingus (p232, 234) 

  • Body Fluid or Blood Play (p246)

  • Bondage (p245, 246-247)

  • Butt Plugs (p242)

  • BDSM Dominance and Submission (p245)

  • Fisting (p230)

  • Hooking up, Internet or mobile technology for (p159)

  • Kinky sex (too many to list)

  • Legal considerations for (20 legal considerations listed): child pornography (218), pornography (134-135), sexting (241)

  • Polyamory-more then 1 sexual partner at the same time (p153)

  • Pornography (10+ citations)

  • Safewords (p245)

  • Sexual Entertainment Media (multiple)

  • Sex Toys (7 diff references)

  • Sexting (3 references)

  • Sexual Orientation (20+ references)

  • Transgender (8 references)

Parents Trying To Get This Guide BANNED

This book is mentioned in a PragerU video called "Miseducated:  The Decline of America's Schools."  Parents in California are trying to get this book banned.

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  • There is NO WAY ON EARTH this is AN INTRO book for children.

  • This book instructs teens (i.e., children) about topics such as body fluid/blood play and fisting…. It's absolutely disgusting and shameful.

  • Seriously inappropriate content.

  • Horribly needs to be banned.

Online Reviews for the SEX Guide

What Makes a Baby - Recommended for Age 3+

The below book attempts to explain where a baby comes from without using gender to be more "inclusive."  The book uses mature terms such as sperm, egg, uterus and vagina. The cartoon sperm on the cover is disturbing when you consider showing these pictures to THREE year olds!

How to make a baby.JPG

Below are some pages from the "What Makes a Baby" book.  Again, I'd like to remind the viewer the intended audience for this book is 3-8 years old.  They are descriptive enough to talk about sperm and eggs, but refuse to say they come from a male or female, just some "bodies."

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George - Recommended Age - 9 up

Click the book to get to read the full description.

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GEORGE was also recommended in the "Read Pride Month" board.  This book also got national attention when the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson specifically sited this book when discussing the indoctrination of students in his state.  Below is a quote from the governor:


"There's an example of a book called, I believe it's called George Is given to 4th grade students. And in that book, this student and this person, his character in this book questions his own sexual identity. He questions his sexuality and even talks about removing his genitalia. Uh, that's the exact kind of stuff we're talking about those conversations that should be had at home among parents among stuff. Parents and Children not in our public school system."



George video.JPG

Books Recommended by Age 10+

These books address romantic homosexual relationships and traumatic events like the death of a sibling, needing a heart transplant, divorce, and a father with unmanaged bi-polar disorder.  These books are not age appropriate.


Click on the image to see the full book description.

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Ages 10-12.JPG
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Books Recommended for Ages 13+

Even the book titles are disturbing.  We are unsure why a 13 year old would need a "Survivor Guide" or books telling them to "Create a Life Worth Living"?

Why would a 13 year old need a workbook to help them figure out what gender they are?

Click on the book to read the full description.

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Ages 13+.JPG

Recommended for Age 14+

These books have to do with gender fluidity, being intersex, or how to be a good transgender ally.

Click on the book to read the full description.

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14+ none of the above.JPG

Recommended for Parents

Click on the book to read the full book description.

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