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Diversity and Equity Committee

BOE and the Superintendent hand picked members to serve on the Equity in Action Committee excluding members of the community who had requested inclusion. When residents requested minutes and attendance for these meetings the BOE stated that there were none as this was an ad hoc committee.


Under Ohio Sunshine Laws designation of a committee as ad hoc does not relieve the board of the responsibility to keep records of all meetings.

The Article "Bay Village Schools Launches 'Diversity Champion Certificate Program' with Tri-C's Cor-Porate College" confirms the creation of the Diversity and Equity Committee. 

"We had created an internal Diversity and Equity Committee last summer, which includes faculty, staff, students and community members, but we knew we wanted to do more," Schafer said.  "With our newly launched Diversity and Champion Certificate Program, we can." 

This committee presented an "Equity Initiative Action Plan" at the July 13, 2020 board meeting. 

"Bay Village Schools Equity Initiative Action Plan Committee

  • HS Asst. Principal shared a novel called Building Equity with the Board.

  • He discussed the purpose of the Bay Village Schools Equity Initiative Action Plan Committee.

    • This group hopes to empower and inspire the student body to action.

    • The goals with the Board including community recruitment, building and equity review, gather data and quantitative data collection, and a book study.​"

Also in the July 13, 2020 board minutes, Four of the five BVSD board members and the Superintendent express their support of the "Equity Initiative Action Plan" including the "equity review."


Excerpt from the meeting minutes is quoted below:

  • "Mrs. Priemer is thankful that there are administrators and community members who wish to lead the community future.​

  • Mr. Vincent, Mrs. Lally and Mr. Vegh shared their appreciation for this work, plan and on focus in this area.

  • Supt. Hausmann is looking forward to having this opportunity as a part of our district."

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