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About Us

We are all Bay Village Residents consisting of parents, grandparents and many other community stakeholders.   We seek transparency, sincere collaboration and trust between parents, community members and the Bay Village Board of Education, regarding the direction of our city’s educational model and curriculum. We respect and support our teachers.  We value academic excellence over ideological based teaching.  We are 100% locally funded.

                                 Our Mission

To seek factual information and to present findings to educate the public.

To provide students with equal opportunity for academic success.

To advocate for children, minors, and those without a platform to voice opinions.

To defend, protect and uphold rights, liberties, and justice.

Our Concerns

Academic Excellence

  • The mission statement of the new strategic Plan states
    “One Rocket Nation is a caring community that empowers children to be happy and successful.”

  • The mission should be centered on academic excellence and providing an opportunity for every child to succeed in school.

  • Bay Village Schools has a long history of academic excellence. There is no need to fix what is NOT broken.


Fiscal Responsibility

  • The district is operating in the red.  Click here to learn more about district finances.

  • The district should be cutting unnecessary expenses while focusing resources on academics.



  •  Decisions made by the school board and the implementation of any plans must be done in a way that is completely transparent to the community.

  • We request that the BOE actually follows the Open Meetings Act, which requires public bodies in Ohio to conduct ALL public business in open meetings.

  • We request that they review their own BOE policies and follow them.

  • We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the Ohio Sunshine laws at We are asking for information that is our right to know.


Politicization of the Schools

  • The BOE and staff should not promote one political party’s ideology.

  • The Equity resolution is an example of politicizing the Bay Village schools.


Promoting divisive concepts in the schools

BVCT does NOT endorse political candidates

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