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Critical Race Theory Concerns:

When a school district introduces Critical Race Theory (CRT) concepts into the schools (both staff and classroom) they are essentially politicizing the schools by promoting politically divisive concepts. This is a form of political indoctrination of the students which causes division among them, their families and in the community at large. 

These concepts include white privilege, implicit bias, systemic racism and inequity, intersectionality, anti-racism, identity politics and the concept that groups are either oppressors (typically white middle class) or being oppressed.  For more information on CRT and related concepts click here.

We believe it is important that our children learn about all the history of America, including that of slavery,  Jim Crow and the fight for civil rights, as well as current events.  However, these topics should be taught in a way that is objective and not from the point of view of one political party or movement.

Our concern is that this is already occurring in the district and with every indication that it will be expanded further. Evidence of this includes the following:

  • The previous superintendent, Jodie Hausmann, communicated the following to parents on June 5, 2020: “We intend to use our district Strategic Planning Process, as well as our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support process, as frameworks to delve deeper into societal bias issues like racism, gender bias, ageism and discrimination due to sexual orientation, disabilities, and other differences.”  This is an unambiguous statement showing intent to use the schools to advance a political agenda.  To review the communication, click here.

  • The passing of an equity resolution by the BOE in August 2020.  This resolution is clearly a political statement which shows the commitment of the district to promote many of these divisive concepts.

  • The formation of an “ad hoc” Equity Committee which has advised the board. It clearly promotes these concepts as shown by their recommended reading list which includes books whose authors are considered primary proponents of CRT type concepts.

  • The 2021 Rocket Family Summer Camp recommended reading found on the BVSD website last summer included resources embracing many of these concepts.

  • The staff diversity champion certificate program demonstrates the district’s commitment to changing the mindset of its staff.

  • The execution of an Equity Audit by A.L. Berry Consulting.  This is typically one of the first steps in the progression to implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) action plans.​  

In summary, the BVSD clearly believes something is fundamentally wrong within the district and they have chosen to embrace the idea that systemic inequities must be “disrupted” in spite of the results of the recent equity audit which showed no significant indication of these inequities in the schools. In fact, the interim superintendent has stated that they will reference back to the survey results to “affirm” the work that they are doing.

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