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Bay Village District ELA Test Results

All testing data can be found on the Ohio Department of Education website.  

Observations, opinions, and questions*:

  • At the grade level, these graphs show how the grades have performed from 2013/14-2020/21.  

  • At the class level these graphs show how a graduating class of students travels through the district.

  • Every grade was effected by the pandemic but the impact for the elementary school age (3rd and 4th grade) were the most severely affected.

  • However, pandemic aside, what the data suggests is that as the children advance in grades (same children), the relative percentage/number of children in the advanced category decreases.

  • Conversely, as the children advance in grades (same children) the number of basic and limited test scores appear to be increasing. 

  • Questions

    • For the 2020/21 school year, teachers put in a herculean effort to educate the students with robust e-learning, we were in-building 80% of the year, had smaller class sizes and according to the district, no instructional hours were lost.  So what went wrong? When did the district know that the lower grades were not thriving?  What did Title 1 look like at Westerly? How was Normandy effected? How were Title I resources used at Normandy?  What resources have been utilized to fill the learning gaps? Summer reading camp for K-4 was originally virtual this past summer, but was changed to 50% virtual, 50% in-person, while the middle school stem camps were all in-person.  ​

    • As a graduating class travels through Bay, why do the advanced scores fall off?  We currently have a gifted program and according to ex. Supt. Hausmann, in 2019, the district hired a gifted consultant.  What did the consultant suggest?  Has the gifted program changed this year? If so, for the better?

*These are the personal opinions and observations of this group.  You do not have to agree with our opinions, we encourage people to examine the data and draw their own opinions.

**Please note, per the ODE data, if a color is not represented on the graph in a certain year, it is because it was either reported as a 0 or an <10, meaning under 10 kids fell into that category and the percentage was too small to compute.  For graphing purposes we put all <10 as a zero.  By grade the graphing program made all lines equal 100%, By the class, the graphing program, did not divide the gap between the categories to reach 100%.  The "by class data" is the more accurate visual.  Use bar graphs as visuals only and see charts for actual percentages.  

Bay 3rd graders Ohio ELA scores from 2013_14-2020_21.png
Bay 4th graders Ohio ELA scores from 2013_14-2020_21.png
Bay 5th grade Ohio ELA scores 2013_14-2020_21.png
Bay 6th Grade Ohio ELA scores 2013_14-2020_21.png
Bay 7th Grade Ohio ELA scores 2013_14-2020_21.png
Bay 8th Grade Ohio ELA scores 2013_14-2020_21.png
Bay Class of 2022 Ohio ELA scores (1).png
Bay Class of 2023 Ohio ELA scores.png
Bay Class of 2025 Ohio ELA scores.png
Bay Class of 2026 Ohio ELA scores.png

To review source data for the above charts, please click on the below document.

source doc pic.JPG
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