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FACT: 74% of Bay Village property tax goes to the district

You have a right to direct how your money is being spend.  The average Cuyahoga County property tax for school expenditures is 60%, but in Bay Village, the district gets even more, 74%!

The District is Discussing a Levy

Based on the May 10, 2021 Finance Committee meeting minutes, the Board is considering a levy.


Finances - meeting levy.JPG
FInances - Levy.JPG

The District is Operating in the Red

The district reports financial data to the Ohio Department of Education.  Districts must submit their financial statements and their five-year forecast each year. 

Finance pic 1.JPG

We pulled the submitted financial data from 2010 forward.  The district operated in a surplus position from 2011 - 2018.  In fact, in 2018, it had it largest surplus - $2.6M!

Finance 2010 - 2018 results.JPG

Despite having a record surplus year in 2018, the district began to operate in the RED in 2019.  Jodi Hausman was hired mid-year in 2018.  Coincidence? 

Finance 2017-2020 actual results.JPG
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1. The district is discussing a levy. 

To review the full meeting minutes, please click here.  

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